Sunday, 2 May 2010

South Lambeth Road is so diverse; it’s so full of...mostly Portuguese eateries. Over the past few years there has been a proliferation in, mainly, Portuguese or Portuguese speaking cafés and restaurants in the SLR area.

Despite all of these opening since the DDA came into force in 1995 none of them are wheelchair accessible. I know of only one eatery along SLR that has a disabled toilet. The rest cannot be accessed; and, if accessed do not have toilet facilities for wheelchair users.

I can understand the very small, one unit, outlets being constrained for space; but, there are a few restaurants in SLR that are big enough to accommodate such facilities. Can anybody answer the following questions, please?

1. Why are there so many inaccessible establishments in the SLR?
2. Why are there so many Portuguese eateries?

SLR used to have a wide range of shops offering diverse goods and services. Today it is full of cheap food outlets most of which have no consideration for disabled people.