Tuesday, 26 July 2016

More on Vampire Capitalism

The Times defending Sir Philip Green, why doesn't that shock me, claimed he isn't a thief or a cheat. No, instead he took bad advice from the army of finance and business experts he used in connection with BHS.
Just a minute, aren't these experts there to carry out tasks such as mitigating people's tax liability as well as enhancing the profitability of their business. Hardly sought out for their ethics.
Does anyone suppose that Sir Philip Green headed his brief to the consultants he commissioned: Make Sure My Employees Are Protected Financially. Anything Left Over I'll Be Happy With?
Somehow I doubt it.
The maximisation of profit would have been implicit in the brief. Green would have been quite indifferent how the profits were delivered. The rights and wrongs mere details. People like Green pay lots of money to experts, in order to mitigate any blame that might come their way from their vampire capitalist dealings.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Vampire Capitalism

Sir Philip Green's treatment of BHS has been called 'Cowboy Capitalism' by business commentators. This description in no way describes the vampire capitalism that Green practices.
Just as the vampire sucks the life blood from his victim, so Sir Philip undermines the business viability of a company by stripping it of its assets.
Green has left almost a £600 million deficit in the BHS pension scheme. This leaves 11,000 robbed of years of hard-earned savings. Pensions that were supposed to cushion life a bit on retirement.
Some MPs are calling for Green to be stripped of his knighthood. Who cares about his K? Do the ex-BHS employees wondering about their future give a toss whether Green is called 'Sir' or not? Doubtless they've a few more apt names to call him.
Let's fight for legislation that stops vampires like Green from battening their fangs onto our pension pots. Let's make life tough for these vampires from buying up companies only to make a fast buck by asset stripping.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Déjà vu: 3

The UK becoming a right wing totalitarian state? 10 or 15 years ago I would have dismissed such a suggestion out of hand. Even 5 years ago I was highly sceptical of such an occurrence taking place in the UK. With all its faults I reckoned that the democratic structures were strong enough to withstand the demands of even the most right wing Conservative government.

However, the actions of Blair dragging us into an illegal war. The new anti-terrorist legislation that was introduced around the same time began the rot. 

Five years of misrule by a coalition of Tory and LibDems pushed more nails into the coffin, especially their disgraceful treatment of disabled people.

Then fast forward to the EU campaign, it's treatment of migrants and British people of colour and varying ethnicity; the rise in popularity of UKIP; the unsettling growth of reactive right wing groups up and down the country; and suddenly we are looking at a decidedly dangerous situation.

The Blairite elements in the Labour Party are stymieing the one hope of opposition to a fractured Tory government. Instead of fighting the Conservatives they are visibly backing them in parliament while undermining Corbyn's leadership by writing condemnatory for the corporations-bought press.

Another example of the left fragmenting by internal squabbles.

Déjà vu: 2

Do people think that events like Hitler’s rise to power, of Pol Pot’s reign of terror or Stalin’s repressive hold over Russians for decades are merely episodes in history; and that these events are somehow removed from their existence, that they can never occur here?

OK, so it’s probably a safe bet this isn’t happening in the next few years. However, once outside the EU things could change drastically for the worse. A Tory government pushed further to the right by an resurgent UKIP could dispense with our human rights legislation. They could neuter our equalities laws. Moves such as the introduction of the death penalty are not beyond the scope of a Conservative government.

We could be in such a position by 2025.

Déjà vu

While viewing a video outlining in a potted history the rise to power of Hitler, the following statement left me with a forlorn sense of déjà vu:

"...while left wing opposition was too fragmented by internal squabbles..."

Sound familiar?

During the 2008 financial crisis I recall left comarades heralding the end of capitalism; then climbing back into their Party silos and defending the feuds and arguments that have divided us for decades.

History has taught us we're only ever a couple of elections away from a totalitarian regime coming into power. I'd argue this is easier achievable with our exit from the EU.

When are we going to learn the lessons of history?

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Let's Select New Candidates Instead of Deselecting the Old

"Constituency (CLP)

Made up of several branches and based on the electoral area for the election of MPs. Via your CLP, you can choose the members from your area to represent you at annual conference and you can help select your parliamentary candidate."

Why do we need to talk about 'deselecting'? Using the term 'deselecting' only serves to fuel accusations from the Blairite and Progress side of the party of witch hunts.

Instead of 'deselecting' sitting MPs why not simply hold their parliamentary records up to scrutiny. Keep records of their backstabbing activities, such as their denouncing our leader in the redtops.

We as CLP members have the right to choose our parliamentary candidate. The right to choose someone who will serve our interests not those of a cosy club. Remember, your MP is on probation for a five year term. The fact they are selected once does not give them an automatic right to selection every five years.

David Frum - Iraq War Apologist

David Frum, one of George W Bush’s speechwriters, who penned the term, ‘Axis of Evil’ spoke in defence of the Iraq War this morning on the Today programme.

Repentant? Not Frum. Despite being pressed on the disintegration of the Iraqi political structure. Despite the fact that Saddam, bad as he was, had kept out al Qaida. Despite more than 1,800 car bombs going off in Iraq since the end of the war. Despite all this, Frum is tired of the USA being blamed for all the ills Iraq has suffered.

Apparently, we should be celebrating the benefits of the invasion. Benefits? What, such as a 17-fold increase in babies born with deformities in cities and towns such as Basra and Fallujah. Deformities caused by a murderous mixture of nano-particularized heavy metals and other toxins generated by the US military occupation and heavy bombardment of Iraqi cities.

Benefits such as an opening of the doors of hell to groups like al Qaida and Daish to pour death and destruction on a country that’s had more than its fair share of problems, including the nightmare of Saddam a leader propped up by the US.

Mr Frum, it would have been helpful had you highlighted a few of these benefits enjoyed by the average Iraqi. Or were you alluding to the benefits accrued by Haliburton, Donald Rumsfeld, US oil companies and corporations generally.