Sunday, 24 July 2016

Déjà vu: 3

The UK becoming a right wing totalitarian state? 10 or 15 years ago I would have dismissed such a suggestion out of hand. Even 5 years ago I was highly sceptical of such an occurrence taking place in the UK. With all its faults I reckoned that the democratic structures were strong enough to withstand the demands of even the most right wing Conservative government.

However, the actions of Blair dragging us into an illegal war. The new anti-terrorist legislation that was introduced around the same time began the rot. 

Five years of misrule by a coalition of Tory and LibDems pushed more nails into the coffin, especially their disgraceful treatment of disabled people.

Then fast forward to the EU campaign, it's treatment of migrants and British people of colour and varying ethnicity; the rise in popularity of UKIP; the unsettling growth of reactive right wing groups up and down the country; and suddenly we are looking at a decidedly dangerous situation.

The Blairite elements in the Labour Party are stymieing the one hope of opposition to a fractured Tory government. Instead of fighting the Conservatives they are visibly backing them in parliament while undermining Corbyn's leadership by writing condemnatory for the corporations-bought press.

Another example of the left fragmenting by internal squabbles.

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