Monday, 25 July 2016

Vampire Capitalism

Sir Philip Green's treatment of BHS has been called 'Cowboy Capitalism' by business commentators. This description in no way describes the vampire capitalism that Green practices.
Just as the vampire sucks the life blood from his victim, so Sir Philip undermines the business viability of a company by stripping it of its assets.
Green has left almost a £600 million deficit in the BHS pension scheme. This leaves 11,000 robbed of years of hard-earned savings. Pensions that were supposed to cushion life a bit on retirement.
Some MPs are calling for Green to be stripped of his knighthood. Who cares about his K? Do the ex-BHS employees wondering about their future give a toss whether Green is called 'Sir' or not? Doubtless they've a few more apt names to call him.
Let's fight for legislation that stops vampires like Green from battening their fangs onto our pension pots. Let's make life tough for these vampires from buying up companies only to make a fast buck by asset stripping.

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