Tuesday, 26 July 2016

More on Vampire Capitalism

The Times defending Sir Philip Green, why doesn't that shock me, claimed he isn't a thief or a cheat. No, instead he took bad advice from the army of finance and business experts he used in connection with BHS.
Just a minute, aren't these experts there to carry out tasks such as mitigating people's tax liability as well as enhancing the profitability of their business. Hardly sought out for their ethics.
Does anyone suppose that Sir Philip Green headed his brief to the consultants he commissioned: Make Sure My Employees Are Protected Financially. Anything Left Over I'll Be Happy With?
Somehow I doubt it.
The maximisation of profit would have been implicit in the brief. Green would have been quite indifferent how the profits were delivered. The rights and wrongs mere details. People like Green pay lots of money to experts, in order to mitigate any blame that might come their way from their vampire capitalist dealings.

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