Monday, 26 January 2015


I hope the corpse of capitalism
Doesn’t get to cause a schism
Between Zyriza and Anel
Before they have time to gel.



Assist me to die?
When I’ve barely lived,
Loved or danced bare foot
At dawn down London’s
Silvered streets.

Why should I die?
When life beckons
Me to sample
Some of what
She has on offer.

Don’t ask me to die
Just because
I don’t fit into
A world order
That celebrates the superficial.

Don’t expect me die
Without a fight
Roaring and scratching
Punching and kicking
Until the lights go out.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Vote in May

Vote in May

There’ll be merry hell to pay
For a Tory win at the polls in May
The poor amongst us may as well
Prepare ourselves for a living hell.
Without a mandate they didn’t wait
But just smashed our welfare state
And given half a chance I guess
They’ll finish off the NHS.
That’s why we need to vote this time
For to abstain would be a crime
It’d let the Tories back in again
To finish loading their gravy train.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Elgin Marbles Head for Berlin

Angela Merkel is at the British Museum tomorrow. According to sources in the know she is taking a look at the Elgin Marbles (or the Merkel Marbles as will be) prior to them being shipped to Berlin as part of the Greek debt repayment scheme.   

The long disputed Parthenon Marbles are to be ceded to Germany in part-payment
 for Greece causing Angela Merkel so much grief with their failed economy

UKIP has lost the rights to its own website.

Apparently, UKIP in all its haste to demonise foreigners, vilify gay people, take us out of the EU and generally bollix up what the Tories haven't yet managed to fuck, has lost the rights to its domain name -

If the domain name is registered by another party or owner then UKIP cannot use the Website name. Nigel Farage can only hope and pray that the new owner doesn't bring UKIP's name into repute!

Sunday, 4 January 2015

The UK Government's 'Light Touch' Impoverishes Millions

In response to a debate Facebook about the UN and the UK’s distinction as being the first state to be investigated on disability rights violations, Malaysia’s conviction of Bush, Blair, Cheney, etc on war crimes was broached.

This led to comparisons between the UK and Malaysia. Then one user contributed the following:
"As for ruling classes, in comparison I think ours has a very light touch."

Which is of course relative. If you are hungry, homeless, unemployed, disabled, etc then it would be reasonable to believe you were being ruled with a fist of steel. Ruled by a callous bunch of bastards.

The fact is our rulers are the masters of spin. They are able to of convey an image of benevolence while pushing through policies that are a death sentence to thousands. Tell us the economy is picking up as food banks proliferate, the benefits bill rises and tax revenues continue to tumble.

Ruled with a ‘light touch’? No. We are ruled over by as nasty a bunch of politicians that ever got their snouts into the trough of state; and a royal family populated by ponces and nonces who hoover-up benefits on an industrial scale.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Make 2015 the Year to Eliminate Tax Cheats

"£120bn Tax avoided, evaded and uncollected... £1.2bn lost in benefit fraud."* A 100% difference in the two sets of revenue losses. While I don't purport to be an economist, a banker or indeed Chancellor of the Exchequer, I can see some contradiction in this government’s ‘we’re all in this together’ approach of protecting the State’s coffers.

If you tasked a group of ‘A’ Level Economics students with solving the problem of benefits’ and tax cheats, I’m pretty certain they’d solve the problem pronto. Easy peasy. You employ more tax inspectors the salaries of whom would be returned several fold; and you employ fewer benefits’ inspectors who actually make a nett loss.

There are ways and means of tying up and closing loopholes used by tax cheats; and their numbers are fewer. However, in order to accomplish this it would require a government who had the political will. That would appear to eliminate all major political parties who are too deeply mired in the self-interest of personal gain. 

If we ever needed proof that this government’s aim is to enrich the few over the many, their refusal to properly chase tax cheats is it. Or further evidence that this government’s entire austerity programme was an ideological attack on the poor. Then the protection of tax cheats over the harassment of benefit cheats proves that point.

*These figures are estimates taken from the HMRC and DWP websites