Sunday, 4 January 2015

The UK Government's 'Light Touch' Impoverishes Millions

In response to a debate Facebook about the UN and the UK’s distinction as being the first state to be investigated on disability rights violations, Malaysia’s conviction of Bush, Blair, Cheney, etc on war crimes was broached.

This led to comparisons between the UK and Malaysia. Then one user contributed the following:
"As for ruling classes, in comparison I think ours has a very light touch."

Which is of course relative. If you are hungry, homeless, unemployed, disabled, etc then it would be reasonable to believe you were being ruled with a fist of steel. Ruled by a callous bunch of bastards.

The fact is our rulers are the masters of spin. They are able to of convey an image of benevolence while pushing through policies that are a death sentence to thousands. Tell us the economy is picking up as food banks proliferate, the benefits bill rises and tax revenues continue to tumble.

Ruled with a ‘light touch’? No. We are ruled over by as nasty a bunch of politicians that ever got their snouts into the trough of state; and a royal family populated by ponces and nonces who hoover-up benefits on an industrial scale.

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