Monday, 24 February 2014

Unite Executive Elections

A big thank you to all the Branches and workplaces that nominated me for the disability seat on Unite's Executive Council. As nobody else stood I return to the executive unopposed. However, I am available to assist other UL candidates during the balloting process of the election.

Finally, well done all those other UL candidates who went through unopposed; and a big well done to all UL candidates for the efforts you've made in gaining such numbers of nominations.

Just another few weeks hard work should I hope see a UL dominated Executive Council.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

What a Royal Tosser!

Just spotted this on Twitter. Prince Charles dressed as...well you tell me! What a fucking hoot. Mind you, it's a change from his family's usual fancy dress choice...a Nazi uniform (but of course lots of his cousins wore Nazi uniforms for real).

Where's that facking hookah, I'm gagging for a pull!

Plans to axe Capital Call – make your views known

Transport for London is looking to deprive some of London's disabled TaxiCard users by scrapping Capital Call. Capital Call affords its users the chance for longer subsidised journey's than TaxiCard which, in my experience, will take a user just over 3 miles on two swipes of the card. With Capital Call the user can use as many as five swipes, thus allowing a longer subsidised journey.

Once it's taken away we will automatically lose £200 of subsidised fares per annum; and it's unlikely to be replaced by anything that will benefit people, many of whom, totally depend on this form of door-to-door transport. Thus increasing the likelihood of social exclusion and its attendant impoverishment among disabled Londoners.  

Stop Corporations Using Your Medical Records

Unless you opt out now, will soon store the medical records of everyone in England, yours included, in one giant database.

Our confidential health information will then be shared with companies and other public bodies.

Either follow the link below or contact your GP as soon as possible stating you wish your records to remain confidential.

Nazi Tories? No. Just the Same Old Nasty Party...

Tory MP Nadhim Zahawi, remember him? He’s the parliamentarian, one of our law makers who over claimed his MP’s expenses by almost £6,000 in 2013. Apparently, he didn’t realise he needed a separate electricity account to heat his horse riding school stables and a yard manager's mobile home – this being a private business – and charged it all to the taxpayer.

Of course being a Tory MP he is immune from punishment. Just pay back the money and continue promoting austerity policies that kill people.

According to the DWP sanctions are only used as a very last resort; and the rules are made very clear to people. Anyone can appeal a decision.

OK then, explain how the parent of an eight-week-old baby with leukaemia was sanctioned?