Monday, 20 February 2017

More Poor Services

The doorbell rang. Great, it’s probably the engineer to mend my toilet. Open the door. “Hello, are you the engineer?” I ask by way of a friendly salutation.

“Where can I park?” he replies by way of bad manners.

“Not sure,” I respond by way of mild piss-off-ed-ness.

“Well, if I can’t park, I’ll be on my way,” he bites back.

By now I’m very pissed-off. The guy knocks at my door, doesn’t have the courtesy to acknowledge my greeting, then threatens to leave without attempting to carry out the repairs.    

Why is everything in life so confrontational? Why are services in this country performed with such poor grace? Why do tradesmen act as though customers are the enemy? It’s as though he was waiting for me to say something to trigger his walking away.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Farage is Mr Establishment

Does Farage really believe when the barricades go up, Bechstein’s are stripped of their wire, lamp posts chosen and the 99% go seeking out the rich, elite and establishment figures that he will be overlooked?

Yet Farage bangs on about career politicians. He rants at the media, as though he's not played this particular instrument like a violin. He attacks the judiciary, while screaming for the UK to wrest justice back from the wicked EU.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Paul Nuttall: LIAR

Paul Nutall appears to have attended the same charm lessons as Donald Trump; as well as sitting in on Ethics classes run by Iain Duncan-Smith; and seminars on truth held by Geoffrey Archer.

The UKIP leader has been sussed out by Liverpool’s Radio City News for lying about his personal involvement in the Hillsborough Disaster. Earlier in the week the Guardian newspaper stated that Nuttall had repudiated accusations that he had lied about being present at the Hillsborough Disaster.

Yet there is evidence of his using this human tragedy to further his political career.

There is also an accusation of electoral fraud hanging over Nuttall’s head. Apparently, he was not living at the address at the time he signed the nomination forms for the Stoke Central by-election, thus giving false information.

Nuttall’s personal website claims he played professionally for Tranmere Rovers. Tranmere Rovers’ version of events has Nuttall as a member of its youth side. Again, not Nuttall’s fault; no, this one’s down to the UKIP press officer.

His LinkedIn page, up to a couple of months ago, implied that he had a PhD. This time he pleads ignorance of how that information found its way onto the website.

Does the country need another lying fantasist in Parliament? Isn’t the House of Commons flush with human detritus with the likes of May, Boris Johnson, Duncan-Smith, Hammond, Green and Danczuk floating around.

Sunday, 12 February 2017


Trump. Over 15,000 of your fellow Americans were killed last year. They weren't killed by Muslim terrorists. No, they were slaughtered by other US citizens.

So, instead of worrying about the notional idea imported violence, why not issue an Executive Order against the actual terrorism carried out on US soil; act against the terror of your out-of-control gun laws.