Sunday, 5 February 2017

Trump's ban binned by Federal Court

Yesterday thousands of people marched on the American Embassy in Grosvenor Square. They were marching in protest to Donald Trump’s attempt to impose a ban on Muslim’s entering the USA; as well as Theresa May’s invitation to Trump to visit the UK. Radio 4 News attended the demo and gave a short report.

The reporter asked one demonstrator his views on Trump's visit to the UK. To which the guy proceeded to claim that Trump's visit would erode all the UK's civil liberties.

Oh come on. Yes, Trump's a top-dollar gold-plated diamond-encrusted tosser. However, he's already having difficulties in eroding his own country's civil liberties. His original ban on Muslims was overturned by the High Court. The US Federal Appeals Court has upheld the High Court decision. This shows that even Trump is bound by the US Constitution.

In its history, the US has imposed all kinds of bans and witch-hunts on its own citizens. Jim Crow Laws, Prohibition and McCarthyism being some examples. While horrendous to Americans they did not impact on the civil liberties of the UK (though some might argue what civil liberties?).

For me Brexit is the real threat to our civil liberties.

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