Sunday, 12 February 2017

Trump's ignorance of US law

Does Trump truly believe that as President the Constitution and the laws of the land don’t apply to him? Did one of his flunkey’s tip him the wink that if he issued an executive order banning Muslims from the US, it’d be OK? Because if this is the case, the US courts have disabused Donald of this fact.

Donal J Trump has been President of the USA for just over three weeks. In this short period Trump has had his Executive Order to ban Muslims from seven countries dismissed in the following fashion:

·      27 January, Trump issues his Executive Order suspending people from seven Muslim-majority countries entering the USA
·      28 January, a federal judge in Brooklyn, New York, issued an emergency stay of Trump’s order
·      30 January, Washington’s attorney general sues the Trump administration in federal court
·      1st February, four additional states and multiple individual plaintiffs sue Trump over the ban
·      3rd February, a Washington state district court judge suspends the ban nationwide with a temporary restraining order
·      4th February, the justice department asks a federal appeals court for an emergency ruling to overturn the Washington state court decision. The request is denied
·      7th February, the appeals court, based in San Francisco, hears argument by lawyers representing both the government and Washington state. 
·      9th February, the appeals court declines to block the Washington judge’s restraining order, saying the government has provided no evidence of any threat posed by travellers from the countries in question.

This brings me to the sensibleness of electing someone to one of the most powerful political offices in the world who has no political experience. In fact, someone who self-evidently doesn’t have a basic understanding of his own countries Constitution and judiciary.

Listening to Trump speak is quite embarrassing. The man can barely utter an intelligent sentence. Add to this his ego, the size of the Ritz; and Trump comes across as being particularly stupid. 

We can only hope that Trump has surrounded himself with people who can absorb his stupidity enough to save him from global ridicule. If not, I fear that Trump’s thin skin is in danger of wearing away very fast.

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