Thursday, 9 February 2017

Shut up Jacob Rees-Mogg, you bollix!

Christ, Jacob Rees-Mogg is such an old-Etonian fuckwit. During a Brexit discussion on LBC Rees-Mogg and another MP strayed from the Brexit debate proper as the conversation entered the arena of votes for 16-year-olds.

The other MP argued that 16-year olds should be given the vote. His contention being that Brexit will have a greater adverse impact on young people. 

Fair point.

Mogg, ever the knee-jerk reactionary, droned on about retaining our sacred British traditions.  He stated that the SNP allowed 16-year olds to vote in the Scottish referendum only ‘to suit their book’. He further poo-pooed the idea of 16-year olds voting, because our voting traditions giving 18-year olds the vote stretch all the way back to…1969!

Someone needs to shove Jacob Rees-Mogg into a big jar of aspic and stick the fucker on permanent display to warn people of the dangers of old-Etonians babbling bollocks on live radio.     

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