Thursday, 7 July 2016

David Frum - Iraq War Apologist

David Frum, one of George W Bush’s speechwriters, who penned the term, ‘Axis of Evil’ spoke in defence of the Iraq War this morning on the Today programme.

Repentant? Not Frum. Despite being pressed on the disintegration of the Iraqi political structure. Despite the fact that Saddam, bad as he was, had kept out al Qaida. Despite more than 1,800 car bombs going off in Iraq since the end of the war. Despite all this, Frum is tired of the USA being blamed for all the ills Iraq has suffered.

Apparently, we should be celebrating the benefits of the invasion. Benefits? What, such as a 17-fold increase in babies born with deformities in cities and towns such as Basra and Fallujah. Deformities caused by a murderous mixture of nano-particularized heavy metals and other toxins generated by the US military occupation and heavy bombardment of Iraqi cities.

Benefits such as an opening of the doors of hell to groups like al Qaida and Daish to pour death and destruction on a country that’s had more than its fair share of problems, including the nightmare of Saddam a leader propped up by the US.

Mr Frum, it would have been helpful had you highlighted a few of these benefits enjoyed by the average Iraqi. Or were you alluding to the benefits accrued by Haliburton, Donald Rumsfeld, US oil companies and corporations generally.

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