Thursday, 7 July 2016

Let's Select New Candidates Instead of Deselecting the Old

"Constituency (CLP)

Made up of several branches and based on the electoral area for the election of MPs. Via your CLP, you can choose the members from your area to represent you at annual conference and you can help select your parliamentary candidate."

Why do we need to talk about 'deselecting'? Using the term 'deselecting' only serves to fuel accusations from the Blairite and Progress side of the party of witch hunts.

Instead of 'deselecting' sitting MPs why not simply hold their parliamentary records up to scrutiny. Keep records of their backstabbing activities, such as their denouncing our leader in the redtops.

We as CLP members have the right to choose our parliamentary candidate. The right to choose someone who will serve our interests not those of a cosy club. Remember, your MP is on probation for a five year term. The fact they are selected once does not give them an automatic right to selection every five years.

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