Monday, 9 August 2010

Pavement Cyclists – again!

Cyclists have the same option we all have – don’t break the law. As a disabled person I’ve lobbied government on a number of issues. Some have been successful others less so. Rather than break the law cyclists should lobby government in order to get improvements to the woefully inadequate infrastructure they have to contend with.

There are very hot debates on other sites about pavement cyclists. Alas, far too many of the cyclists believe it is their right to mount pavements whenever the going gets tough; a lot of them are of the opinion it is fine to run red lights.

When challenged about their illegal, dangerous and blatantly anti-social attitudes they go on the attack blaming motorists for all their ills.

As a non-driver who gets about London a fair bit as a car passenger I see things from quite a unique position. In my estimation it is nip and tuck as to who is the greater offender, motorists or cyclists.

I’ve observed some incredibly stupid, nigh on suicidal, cycling stunts pulled – especially by ‘guerrilla’ cyclists attempting to undertake lorries the size of small buildings. This is either bravado or reckless endangerment to their own health and safety.

On the other hand, I’ve spotted drivers turning from side roads onto major roads without giving passing cyclists the chance to clear their paths. You know, the driver spots a gap in the traffic; and, vroom off he goes to nick his bit of road; in such instances cyclists are not part of the traffic – I must say the latter occurs far more than the undertaking instance.

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