Sunday, 17 April 2011

Cameron's Big Society

Cameron states ‘We’re all in this together’,

As if, pleading poverty is somehow clever;

Because, as he knows and now so do we,

The poor pay while the rich get off scot-free.

How many bankers will really feel the pain,

Of working longer without financial gain;

Will they see their terms and conditions erode,

Their wages shrink while their pensions implode.

No, this is the plight of common waged slaves,

Who’ll soon have to work right up to their graves,

Since pensions schemes were raided for gold,

They can’t retire until they’re knackered and old.

How about the brokers who sit on their wealth,

Riches accrued both underhand and by stealth;

Filthy lucre amassed and then secreted away,

To tax-free havens where they’ve no duties to pay.

A warning to tax cheats both here and abroad,

We’ll hunt you down and charge you with fraud,

Then allow twelve citizens honest and upright,

To deliberate together to determine your plight.

Once you’re found guilty we’ll expect the judge,

To make bloody sure his findings are not a fudge,

And, as your greed will be taken into consideration,

You’ll be sure of a stretch of quite lengthy duration.

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