Thursday, 6 October 2011

Labour Needs to Broaden its Representative Base

Sadly, the Labour MP base is not reflective of much of the working class; and, is most definitely not reflective of those we need to vote Labour in the next election for us to win. Where I live, in Stockwell, my three councillors, all Labour, are white; two work in lobbying types jobs, and the one with the real job is an actor.

The other two are the product of professional politics. None of them look or sound like the people they represent; yet, they will speak on our behalf,  and early next year, to a man and woman, will vote in more cuts.

Unite desperately needs to be putting active members up as councillors, as MPs, Assembly Members, MEPs etc. No disrespect to Unite members working within the bubble of Westminster; but, we also need representatives from the buses, markets, and banks; we need convenors from industry to represent us; people who've worked in the communities with youngsters to come forward and apply their know-how to local and central government.

So sure, let's support Shelley Asquith for Chair of London Young Labour in this instance; but, let's also ask that Shelley attends our UL meetings (indeed Mike should invite her to our next one on 13th October) and uses her position to seek out other young trade union and Labour Party activists from a wider cross-section of jobs - something we should all be doing anyway!

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  1. Hi Sean,

    I have only just seen this blog post. Thanks very much for offering support last year! Unfortunately I didn't get it.

    Just wanted to say I totally agree about getting more working voices active and ultimately elected in the Party.
    In terms of Young Labour, too many are, like me, students. We need far more young people who are leaving education at 16/17 and entering work.

    Anyway, great blog! Hope you enjoyed TUC.