Thursday, 3 May 2012

Another Inaccessible Pub in Lambeth

My workmates visited the Crown and Anchor in Brixton Road last week. They quite enjoyed it; found the drinks ok; and the ambience enjoyable.

Sadly, this is yet another pub in the area that I can't use due to lack of accessibility. According to my friends, there is an imposing front step and the loos are all downstairs; which is kind of fucking awkward for me, as a wheelchair user.

What a shame; well for me it is.

It wouldn't be so bad if the place was a pokey little pub; but passing the Crown and Anchor to and from work every day, I can't help to notice that it is quite long. Long enough to have accommodated a two-metre square partitioned-off Kharzy.

The photo below gives some idea of the size of the pub's interior.

The interior of the recently refurbished Crown and Anchor in Brixton Road

Sure, an accessible toilet would have displaced a couple of tables; maybe even attracted the wrong kind of boozers - you know, wheelchair users, associated cripples and Radar key users...

Hmm, on reflection, I can actually sympathise with the publican and his clientele; once you let one in, your guard drops, then you're fucked. You end up with an alehouse that attracts a more rounded cross-section of the area.

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