Friday, 22 June 2012

Ed Miliband and Britain’s anti-immigrant backlash

Ed Miliband and Britain’s anti-immigrant backlash
The politics behind Ed Miliband's long-awaited speech on immigration are pretty straightforward. Polling - and Labour activists' experience on the

What is wrong with Miliband? In just under three years there will be a general election. When the punters come to look at the manifestos of each party they will see the Tories attacking immigrants, and Labour doing likewise; the Tories and Labour will have the same policies on social care; the Tories will be pressing ahead with deficit reduction in the only way they know, by slashing public spending, and Labour will make similar commitments to public spending.

Tell me, why would the British electorate vote Labour when we're seen to be selling the same tired old policies as the Tories. Better the devil you know?

Labour needs bold new policies; policies that grow the Britain out of recession, not a strategy that merely differs from the Tories by a few degrees. For instance, instead of using the excuse that welfare is costing too much; why not be bold and say tax cheats are the real cause of our deficit, for if the Carrs and Camerons of this world didn't spend oodles of boodle to inventive accountants in order to shrink their tax bills to almost zero, we'd be out of this mess far quicker.

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