Monday, 7 January 2013

The Man Who Would Be King

The Morning Star announced today that the SWP has decided to back Jerry Hicks for the Unite GS election.

Jerry Hicks in a usual pose, giving two fingers to the world...
Now there's a surprise.

Whatever is said against McCluskey, it can never be said that he has not got the courage of his convictions. Just as several years ago he promised to abide by the decision of the hustings in Manchester, he has this time put himself in front of the United Left NCC, the UL National Supporters Meeting and the Executive Council, all of whom have endorsed Len's candidature.

To whom is Jerry Hicks answerable? Has Jerry presented himself in front of the Grassroots Left and sought endorsement? Indeed, Jerry wasn't even present at the Grassroots Left 3rd National Conference on 17th November 2012 held in Birmingham!

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