Saturday, 1 March 2014

Welfare sacrificed in favour of Tory tax cheats

You couldn't make it up, could you; and why isn't the over-concerned tax payer, so beloved of this government, kicking up a storm? 

While I have no issues with the DWP looking to recover monies where fraud is proved, the government must also introduce some balance into the situation. It is known that HMRC fraud officers turn a profit from tax cheats, after all look at the sums of money involved. Yet since coming to power this government has actually cut the number of tax officers.

Conversely, they've increased the numbers of benefit fraud officers who, because they're chasing far less money, are a greater financial burden on the tax payer that this government would have us believe is deserving of value for money.    

This graph firmly nails the lie that we can't afford our welfare system

How much more revenue could the state rake-in were they to reverse the proportion of HMRC to DWP fraud officers. Ah, but that would mean the Tories going after their own, as tax cheats are more likely to be attracted to the Tory ethos of personal greed.

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