Saturday, 19 April 2014

A Definite Disconnect Between the Wealthy and the Poor

Kate Humble the star of the TV programme, Lambing Live, believes food is too cheaply priced. Humble argues that the public does not value food due to its cheapness and the fact they are disconnected from the farming process.

These are the views of a successful TV presenter who is married to a TV director both of whom also own a 117-acre, ex-council, farm in Trellech, Monmouth. So little fear of food banks for these two.

Kate Humble in the haystack in which she lives with the lambs she purchased  from 'Lambs 'R' Us'
OK, Mz Humble let’s apply your logic generally. Firstly we’ll raise the cost of farm labourers because you do not value them due to their cheapness and the fact you are so disconnected from their financial needs. Then we’ll raise the duty on agricultural diesel, as it’s obvious that you haven’t a clue about the oil industry, thinking that diesel simply comes from a tanker; and you’re totally disconnected from the intricate process of fuel taxation.

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