Monday, 8 December 2014

Vacuous Peer in 'Poor too Poor to Cook' Slur Stir

So what if poor people can't cook it's no excuse to starve them to death. Equally there is no justification in smashing in the heads of vacuous Tory peers who don't have a scintilla of a Scooby about real life.

Tory Baroness Jenkins preparing to spread Christmas 

bile and hate in stating poor people depended on food banks
because they lacked cooking skills

So, the poor can't cook so have developed a dependency on food banks. With that logic it is safe to say that Tory MPs can't work out their expenses due to the fact they are addicted to freebies and state hand-outs; or bankers have an inability to balance their books as it's easier not to bother because if they get it criminally wrong the poorest in the country will pay for their mistakes...

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