Sunday, 26 July 2015

Propagate the Corbyn Message to the Millions of Disenfranchised Poor

Jeremy Corbyn, whether by design or not, is creating a ‘Scottish’ moment within sections of the labour Party, and maybe beyond. Just as politics took on a new lease of life in Scotland last autumn Corbyn is reenergising political debate and discourse within, particularly though not exclusively, English politics.

Last week’s welfare reform vote has, even if inadvertently, brought about discussion within the Labour Party and most definitely beyond. People, other than political activists, are beginning to question Labour values; and the answers point unquestionably towards Jeremy Corbyn.

The prize now is to get this debate out into those areas where Westminster politics doesn’t reach. We must draw the working classes and those millions disenfranchised from politics back into the debate. We must get the Corbyn message out to them so they realise that at last they too have someone who is speaking for them.   

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