Monday, 20 June 2016

Vote Remain

People on both sides of the EU referendum question are deluding themselves. Both sides of the argument have stooped to low and dirty tactics. How about introducing some honesty into the debate? The political right, as with the political left, has a foot in both camps. The difference, I hope, is that the political left is not predicating its argument on the lowest political denominator, as in this issue, immigration.

For the record I intend voting to remain within the EU. My reasons are akin to those I had for remaining within the Labour Party despite it being run by a bunch of Progress Blairites with whom I shared no political views. Yet, like many others, I stood my ground within the party because I knew that I could not affect change from the outside.

Last autumn my resolve paid off. Jeremy Corbyn became leader of the Labour Party. (Before I’m shot down by those who don’t feel Corbyn’s success can change the party, that’s another argument for another day.) The Labour Party once represented working people and poor people. The party once espoused social and socialist policies. With Corbyn at the helm there is a chance we can steer the Labour Party back to its roots. Similarly, the EU was once a body that supported and championed the rights of workers and poorer people.

Changing either of these organisations will not be easy. However, we have a greater chance to drive change within the Labour Party or EU being part than apart from them.

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