Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Tory Cuts Kill

Tory Cuts Kill

It’s a well known fact that Tory cuts kill
They target people who are ill
And if you’re disabled, you’re fair game,
An easy touch for the Nasty Party to blame.

It’s undisputed that Tory cuts kill
When disabled people lose the will
To go on living when it gets so dark
That existance becomes too bloody stark.

The reality is that Tory cuts kill
When they use austerity as a poisonous pill
That is doled out to the very poor
Who are then pushed towards death’s door.

We know very well that Tory cuts kill
As the work capacity assessment is still
In place despite the fact it’s fatally flawed
And its associated deaths are just ignored.

Sure, the papers know that Tory cuts kill
Yet still they use the poisonous quill
To misreport, and while leading the attack
On people they don’t think can fight back.

Since we know that Tory cuts kill
Disabled people must continue to fight until
We have torn down the barriers of oppression
To be replaced with bridges of compassion.

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