Thursday, 8 July 2010

Andy and Lou's Tired Routine

Andy and Lou’s routine had a scintilla of humour about it for the first three hundred and seventy eight variations on the theme. However, by the 400 mark it was becoming a tad tired; passé, may I say, even.

Like many modern comedians Lucas and Walliams have a narrow range of material. The fact they get the opportunity to slightly reformat the same sketches for American and Australian tastes actually makes them lazy. For them it is much easier to regurgitate the same old guff with an American or down-under twist than to stretch their talents and abilities towards new horizons.

What a shame. These two comedians looked as though they had the potential to break new ground in comedy. Instead, they stoop to flogging the same dead horse from the BBC to the more lucrative commercial channels in a bid to squeeze every penny out of the dusty hides of Lou and Andy.

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