Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Fear of Fear Itself

Fear, which is quite unnecessarily propagated by the scum press. The rampant xenophobia dripping from the pages of these rags. Witch hunts against one group or another; invariably those at the bottom of the economic ladder.

Fear, unfortunately, sells tabloids; often fear and loathing of those things people don’t properly understand. Disability is a good example.

Scurrilous right-wing rags such as the Heil whip-up a frenzy of fear amongst their Middle England readers. Millions and millions of disabled people are every day defrauding the system, they rant. By their reckoning benefits fraud is dragging the country into the Third World.

Child molesters stalk our streets; so, we must cosset our kids. All old people are the prey of muggers and confidence tricksters. Drug addicts roam our neighbourhoods looking to addict our teenagers with their evil.

Yes, all the things I’ve mentioned occur. However, much of this has been happening since the dawn of time. Sadly, children have been sexually abused ever since men (and it is predominantly men) have had a need to exert power over others.

But, rags such as the Heil set out to exploit our fears; and, in doing so often inculcate us with the need to fear, or hate, that we’re told will harm us. The Heil is so addicted to propagating hate and fear it can’t help itself. We should do the proper thing and stop feeding this particular Troll’s habit.

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