Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Banning Bayliss

Calling for Bayliss to be struck off the ballot papers is a simplistic reaction. Does anyone suppose for a minute if Bayliss was disqualified he’d just shrug his shoulders and say ‘it’s a fair cop, guv’?

Nobody on this site, I’d imagine and hope, has any time for Bayliss. However, just because we dislike his politics and method of operating shouldn’t cloud our sense of doing the right thing.

Like anyone else Bayliss would have the right to appeal any decision Simon Hearn, the Returning Officer, made against him; after all if one of my members is sacked I would demand an appeal. Unlike my member Bayliss would be straight onto a top barrister; and, the whole process would be tied-up in litigation for months, if not years.

Does anyone here believe for a minute Derek Simpson would then retire in December?

Of course, if you go to Bayliss’ site you’ll find his supporters making counter claims against McCluskey. I’ve had inappropriate e/mailings from Bayliss’ camp; but then, I’ve also received unsolicited material Jerry’s side.

If Bayliss wins it won’t be because he’s managed to slide his propaganda under the wire and get away with it. No, it will be because Jerry Hicks failed to accept that he couldn’t win the support of the United Left within Unite; and so, he walked away and split the vote.

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