Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Behave Ken!

“If you get people into the habit of getting out of bed, doing something, having a sense of worth and if that involves getting people who are currently unemployed helping out with the elderly or clearing up an area or things like that, I think it’s worth doing.” Ken Livingstone said.

How timely. All those disabled and elderly people who are at any time now going to lose their local authority care packages will be able to call upon an army of unwilling, possibly even disgruntled, unemployed people to take over from the personal assistants they get rid of. Hurrah!

Similarly, we can sack our estate cleaners, road sweepers and refuse collectors and replace them with the legions of feckless unemployed.

Here’s another idea. All those unemployed personal assistants and cleaners and refuse collectors could then help the elderly or clear up areas or things like that.

It’s great when you can see an idea taking shape...

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