Sunday, 21 August 2011

Darcus Howe Accused of Rioting!

Marcus Howe was explaining to Fiona Armstrong that he wasn't shocked at what he'd seen over the past days of looting and rioting. He went on to quality this remark. That young black and the young white youths in poorer areas of this country were unhappy at the direction in which they were being pushed by the powers that be; indeed, he stressed the concern he had for his grandson who was of an age that meant he was likely to be stopped and searched because of his colour.

These, I thought were fair comments. However, the silly BBC newscaster then asks this elderly highly respected broadcaster whether he condoned the rioting and looting, a question, I doubt she'd have put to a white equivalent; Marcus let this comment go. He proceeded to give some context to these events, being interrupted at every turn; then the newscaster accuses Howe of rioting himself in the past; an action which he strenuously denied.

Darcus Howe - renowned African-Caribbean broadcaster, columnist and civil liberties campaigner

Rioting is one thing, being attacked by the police while demonstrating peacefully is not rioting. We were not rioting when we were attacked by the police on the Wapping picket lines 25-years ago.

Many people have suspected that the BBC has lost its way journalistically in recent years. We can now also add racism to their interviewing techniques. Maybe the David Starkey broadcast has had an influence.

David Starkey - Right wing
 reactionary TV pundit

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