Saturday, 13 August 2011

More Contempt from ATOS Healthcare 'Professionals'!

In the past few days information has come to light of just how contemptuous some ATOS healthcare workers are of the people they're charged with giving independent medical assessments. These assessments, to determine qualification for different levels of benefit, should be carried out both honestly and objectively. Indeed, the quality of a person's future existence hangs on the assessment.

In one case an assessor has been posting her feelings of sick and disabled clients on her Facebook page in Middlesbrough.

This paragon of the caring profession, Debbie Carr, talks about sick and disabled people in terms of: "Oh god another day here with the down and outs arggggg!" Adding: "Well that's the end of my holidays! Back to work tomorrow with the down and outs I suppose..." And: "Thank god it's Friday last day in this god forsaken place with the down and outs!" 

Whatever her personal views of people, this kind of behaviour is unacceptable. ATOS is looking into this breach of...ethics?

Another pearl of professionalism from ATOS's jewellery-box of employees is one Richard Treasure (now there's a name to live up to), an administrator for the outfit. Mr Treasure, somewhat of the minimalist school of insults, simply dismisses sick and disabled people as 'parasitic wankers'. Mr Treasure has been reported to NWCAC.

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