Thursday, 1 December 2011

Strike! Don't bitch and bellyache...

Listening to the reactions of various people affected by yesterday's strike was quite telling. A guy in N Ireland in a reasonably paid job, by his own admission, wouldn't go out on the grounds of he couldn't afford to lose a day's money.

He then went on to bemoan the fact that his pension contributions were set to go up while his final pension would have a shortfall of a few thousand pounds a year.

The next was hilarious, in my view. A uni student who on going to uni found it closed. His tutors and other college staff were on strike. Instead of taking the hint, matey decides to go to the local library, no doubt for a prolonged study period.

Guess what! He arrived at the library...yes, you're ahead of me - of course, it was closed due to industrial action!  

What a turd! What is wrong with kids at uni today? He should be out and about; or, out of his head; or, something. He looked the kind of knob that will remember his uni days with fondness; instead of, like the rest of us barely remembering what we studied, let alone knowing where the fucking library was!

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