Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Liz Sayce's Betrayal of Remploy Workers

Liz Sayce, wake up and get a whiff of the stench your Tories friends have created by announcing the closure of 36 Remploy factories.

Remploy factories represent real jobs for disabled people.
Remploy factories offer disabled people the dignity of work.
Remploy factories offer disabled workers a safe environment in which to work.
Remploy factories offer disabled women and men an organised workplace in which to work.
Remploy workers toil in real workplaces.
Remploy workers undergo the same rigours and disciplines experienced by millions of other workers in the UK.

Sayce, you and your Tory chums offer none of the above. Sayce, you, Miller et al offer only misery and social isolation to those Remploy workers you are about to consign to the oblivion of unemployment.

Sayce, you state that Remploy factories are too expensive to run. You claim that the subsidy for one Remploy factory worker would support many more in 'mainstream' employment through Access to Work. Yet, this government is cutting back on Access to Work, the very scheme Sayce claims will come to the rescue of displaced Remploy workers.

Sadly, Liz Sayce has thrown her lot in with this Tory mob. That is of course her choice. However, I will say this Liz Sayce, in the future do not lend your name to the disability movement. We, in this movement, consider ourselves, our aims and objectives to be progressive; we see our actions as progressing the living standards of disabled people. We certainly do not want our ranks sullied with regressive and reactionary people like you!

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