Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Motability Grants

A few weeks back I received a new wheelchair. While very much like its predecessor in most ways the new machine is a couple of kilos heavier. Just enough to make it difficult for my PAs to lift and store away in my car.

Phoning around wheelchair hoist suppliers one of these suggested I look to Motability for a grant to assist with the cost of the equipment. This makes sense; after all it is a very specialist piece of kit that ordinarily one wouldn't need to buy.

Though disabled I manage to go to work and hold down a job. The job isn't highly paid, below the national average; and it's topped-up by tax credits - so it must be quite low.

However, this evening I received a call from Motability Grants and was told that I didn't qualify for a grant. Apparently, my contribution to the equipment (around £1100) exceeded the cost of supplying and fitting the hoist (£985).

On asking what exactly was the criteria used in means-testing me; it was explained that they use a similar calculator to that used for state benefits. Yet, they couldn't tell me what the ceiling was for savings; nor indeed how income was calculated.

So, if you earn over £300 per week don't expect any assistance from Motability.


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