Monday, 20 August 2012

Facebook court ruling: What you share on Facebook is admissible as evidence

Remember when posting to Facebook, it is a public site read by other people, including the authorities!
Just a thought, but maybe circumspection is the best policy when posting across the ether. I love the way the piece opens in YTech:

"Did you know that what you say on Facebook can be used against you in a court of law? If you're sharing something with your friends, you may as well be sharing directly with the judge and jury:"

As though you're going to be dragged before the beak for LOLing at a mates dodgy photo; or have Lily law kicking your door down at dawn because you OMGed at a nasty story from the Daily Fail.

No, what has occurred here is an Internet eejit has threatened others online as well as boasting about violent acts he has committed. Jesus Christ, the man's a fucking moron, a liability to himself.

Keyboard heroes. Little people with egos the size of elephants who can't get it on in the real world think it is ok to act like gangsters on the internet.

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