Monday, 13 August 2012

"PLEDGE: Stop The Government From Taking Benefits From The Truly Disabled"

I have some very deep reservations with the above statement. While politically and morally supporting the fight against this government's onslaught on disabled people's benefits and rights, I take issue with the term 'The Truly Disabled'.

Here are the 'Truly' Disabled. Those 'Worthy' of our Respect.
Terms such as this only serve to bolster a view of deserving and undeserving disabled people; a view all too readily subscribed to by the right and, sadly, other working people looking for scapegoats.

A constant drip-feeding of stories in the Daily Fail, and other scum rags, about people fraudulently claiming disability benefits has captured the imaginations of all too many people who are willing to believe the worst in all of us. So much so that the incidence and reporting of disability hate crime is at an all time high.

People with visible disabilities are being challenged by strangers as to the veracity of their conditions. Strangers are shouting abuse at disabled in the street. Vision impaired men and women are being told that they are putting it on, that there is nothing wrong with their sight.

Very soon the distinctions between the worthy (or truly) disabled people will be brought into high relief through the Paralympics. Those doughty women and men giving it their all for Team GB will be applauded and lauded for bringing glory to the country - and good for all Paralympians from across the globe.

Disabled people fighting against ATOS will be compared with the brave disabled athletes who despite adversity are making a go at things instead of complaining about loss of benefits. Stories and issues will become conflated; and once again we'll hear of the truly disabled and the worthy disabled, as opposed to the rest of us benefits' claiming fripples.

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  1. I agree with your analysis. The comments underneath the pledge actually reflect those right-wing sentiments through calls for increased witch-hunting, with another group singled out as scape goats: addicts. The obsession with scape goats is an avoidance of the real problems in place.