Monday, 11 February 2013

A Home

A roof over the heads
Of those you cherish;
A secure environment
In which to flourish,
Nurture and grow.

The sound of tears
Resound through the years
Tempered and drowned
By laughter
As kids
In their gaggles
Giggle away
Their fleeting youth.
A lifetime's memories
Adults fears
For future years.

You've no wealth
Except the health
And happiness
Of your own
Fills the family coffers.

But now, today,
They say
You must move
Give up your home
Your nest
So heavily invested
With blood, sweat, tears and love.

Yet, leave you must,
Or go bust,
Trying to pay the blood money
Demanded by the vampires
Who preside over
The country's fate
As though a giant jugular
For them to sate
Their greed
Thus, sealing and stealing our future.

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