Monday, 11 February 2013

Why focus on the obvious when the less obvious is your ideological goal?

The answer is so obvious. Employ more tax inspectors! If this shower of shites (the Tories) harassed and chased the tax dodgers of this country with a fraction  of the energy they pour into harrying benefits' 'cheats' (many of whom are 'cheating' to put food on their families tables and clothes on their kids backs).

Benefits' officers cost us money. The amounts they individually save the state by catching benefits' 'cheats' doesn't cover their salaries.

Conversely, tax inspectors actually make a return on their earnings; in reality they cost us nothing as they often claw back four, five or six times their salaries from tax cheats.

So, why is it in times of austerity this government sheds tax inspectors while taking on more benefits' officers?

Maybe, just a scintilla of a maybe, it is because this government is so ideologically driven that it ignores the obvious while blithely carrying out the perverse. After all, tax cheats are more likely to come from the same stable as most of our cabinet; and, I'd bet a piund to a pinch of shit they share the same trough!  

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