Sunday, 9 June 2013

Cost of Social Housing Rises in Westminster

"Data obtained through freedom of information requests shows that at Westminster council – one of the wealthiest areas in the country – the bill for homelessness has shot up by 63.5% since last year as new temporary accommodation has had to be found for those hit by cuts. The figures show that it has cost Westminster more to place thousands of people in temporary accommodation, including hotels, than the council has saved through the government's welfare clampdown."

This is exactly what we can expect when government policies are so obviously driven by party and class ideology instead of making good economic sense. Just as Thatcher judged high unemployment a price worth paying to keep down inflation, etc, so this government will 'suffer' the additional cost of homelessness as this will free up housing in areas such as London while driving the poor out of London.

Many of us remember how Dame Shirley Porter carried social housing cleansing of Westminster in 1980s. Porter presided over the clearing out and selling off of council estates in order to attract Tory voters. This form of Gerrymandering became known as Shirleymandering. I wonder whether  today's social cleansing will gain as much notoriety as the disgraced Dame Shirley Porter.

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