Tuesday, 22 July 2014

A Mother's Anguish

Looking at images of grief consumed mothers in Gaza I put a few thoughts into words. Though I feel words become meaningless under such unendurable grief.

Palestinian Mothers' grieving...

A Mother’s Anguish

Another mother
Left bereft
Her child taken
She, forsaken.
All words
Of comfort
Lose their meaning
As they turn to dust
Against such deep loss.
Her feelings
Her thoughts
Frozen in a point of time
Before the crime
That stole away
Her beloved child.
Her face
A trace
Of how she looked,
Now contorted
Into a mask
Of torment etched lines
That serve
To carry
Away her tears.
A heart that once beat
To the drum
Of a child’s joy
Her boy
He that kept
Her heart alive
Now tearing
At its strings
As though
To tear it
From her breast
For her
To join him at rest.

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