Thursday, 12 November 2015

He's appealing cos he's not kneeling

I can think of nothing more obscene
Than to having to kneel before the queen
Who’s only royal by accident of birth
And has an overblown sense of self-worth.
At the Cenotaph Corbyn respectfully stood
But this was deliberately misunderstood
By our vindictive redtop fourth estate
More interested in promoting hate.
Jeremy can’t do right for doing wrong
Even in parliament he doesn’t belong
As straight talk and being basically decent
Are terra incognita to the most recent
Parliamentary set of grey-suited yahoos
Better identified by their guffawing boos
And their lazy Lords of Creation attitude
That gives approval for their being bloody rude.
However, Corbyn is a politician of honest conviction
Unlike those others, just poor works of fiction
Whose pages are read but nothing stick
As they pursue fleeting fame and the quick fix.

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