Monday, 7 December 2015

Blairites = Moderates?

In the past few days some newscasters and TV journalists are speaking in terms of ‘moderates’ in relation to a group of Labour MPs. It appears that this strange status has been endowed upon Labour MPs who voted with the government last week in favour of bombing Syria.

The same status has also been given to the Blairites within the party. The same MPs who have in the past supported ConDem and Tory party austerity motions. These are the moderates who in the past three months have busied themselves stabbing Jeremy Corbyn in the back.

Our media is once again guilty of twisting the reality. The reality is that those MPs who voted against bombing are acting moderately. Those MPs who voted against benefits cuts and an austerity programme that is killing people are moderate. Those MPs who are supporting a Labour leader who won through democratic process by a massive margin; they are the moderates.

Let’s call upon our biased media and demand they cease their dirty tricks campaign against Corby. Let’s vote with our feet. Let’s stop buying the scum newspapers who misreport; and stop watching the TV news stations who purposely skew the news against the Corbyn leadership.  

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