Tuesday, 12 January 2016

If you want something done go straight to the top!

My, newish, wet room is working a treat; and on the whole I'm very pleased with the work carried out, particularly the standard. The fact that I managed to get away for two weeks while the works were being carried out meant I was unable to point out to the contractor a few areas of snagging; and to upbraid him on leaving an electrical fitting exposed - in my view a potential H&S hazard.

 Midway into November last year I'd still not heard from the contractor. Nor indeed had the work been signed-off. So I contacted my landlord's agent, the  company that was dealing with the building works and arranged for the care and repair technical officer to visit me.

The technical officer came and took notes and photographs of the works. Before leaving she assured me the contractor would be in touch soon to arrange for the snagging to be carried out. 


No call from the contractor no word from the agent. An email from me on 18th December galvanised a response from the technical officer promising to contact me on 21st December. 

Then....again nothing.

So this afternoon at 15.41 I emailed the CEO of NHHG asking was it the practice of her organisation to spend in excess of £12,000 on a wet room without the works being signed-off. 

At 16.14 my phone rang and it was the contractor tripping over his tongue with apologies and chucking dates at me to come and finish the works. Surprising where a bit of initiative gets you. 

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