Saturday, 19 March 2016

Progress: SHUT UP!

During the past six months Corbyn and McDonnell have faced a barrage of attacks from the Tories, the right-wing media, especially the scum press, and, sadly, from back-stabbing Blairite rats and snakes within the Parliamentary Labour Party.

These attacks, particularly from their own side, have been both galling and of course treacherous. There is still talk of a coup against Corbyn following the May elections, where Labour is expected to lose seats. Although, Sadiq Khan appears to be well ahead in the London mayoral race.

However, this week has seen Corbyn’s Left leadership rise in the polls. A week in which Corbyn and McDonnell performed a spectacular strike against the government by announcing their own fiscal rule; condemning the attacks on benefits; and now splitting the government front benches.

“It is no longer “put up or shut up” time for the Progress wing of Labour. Just the latter.”- Paul Mason.

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