Saturday, 19 March 2016

The Limbo Existence between DLA and PIP

Just had a call from a Labour MP's SPAD. He was interested in whether I was claiming PIPS and did it impact on my ability to work.

First off I explained the Personal Independence Payment was PIP, not PIPS, they sang with Gladys Knight. Then went on to say that I was one of the final group of DLA recipients, waiting on tenterhooks for the dreaded letter to arrive.

He wasn't interested in that. No his only interest was working people who had applied for and been turned down for PIP.

Despite his insistence I did get my point across, which is this. Those of us still waiting to come off DLA and apply for PIP are living a limbo existence. For instance, I won't take a holiday just in case the letter from the PIP assessors lands on my doormat while I’m away and disadvantages me, as the whole process is time driven. Similarly, if I received the letter just before I went away I’d spend the entire holiday stressed out.

Any time now I will get a call from my social worker to review my social care package. Again the worry is that my council is looking to cut packages.

Living from assessment to assessment whether for DLA/PIP, Access to Work, Tax Credits, Housing Benefit, or social care is a fucking headache.

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