Friday, 8 April 2016

Brexit bleats about Government paying £9 million to promote EU membership

"If you are going to use taxpayer’s money you should allow people to put the other side of the case as well." Bleats Boris Johnson, a Tory MP promoting Brexit, about his own governing Conservative Party playing fast and loose with the rules.

Is this government allowing the Port Talbot workers to put their side of the case? Did IDS ever allow disabled people to put their side of the case over the absolute unfairness of the £30 cut for ESA WRAG claimants? Or were representatives of disabled people, ROFA, etc, allowed to put forward disabled peoples’ side of the case when the government changed the rules for claiming PIP?

This government, and its predecessor, have ridden rough shod over disabled people. They have slashed benefits and cut services despite DPOs, campaigning groups and individual disabled people and their supporters putting forward strong evidence that showed the cuts would be detrimental.

Therefore, Johnson’s whining has no credibility as far as I’m concerned. Johnson is just another grasping Tory who sees his own financial future brighter; who envisages the opportunity to acquire greater wealth more easily in a UK devoid of the social gains ordinary people enjoy within the EU.

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