Saturday, 9 April 2016

Boris Johnson's bufoonery is a cover for his bullshitting

Heading for a tube station Boris Johnson was asked by Cathy Newman of Channel 4 News, if he considered it morally wrong to invest in offshore trusts and funds? At first Johnson, entirely out of character, kept shtum. But of course keeping quiet is never really an option for the garrulous gaff-ridden Mayor of London.

So after an eternity of around 20 seconds silence, a grinning Johnson spouted: “I’m here to back Zac Goldsmith.” When questioned further he changed tack placing the onus on “…blooming left-wing media organisations…”   

Boris Johnson is not programmed to give straight answers. From birth Johnson was nurtured on the milk of privilege; and with privilege came the twin benefits of entitlement and wealth. The first fixes their place in the class structure; and the second maintains their position.

From the titty to the City this elite are first put through various stages of primary and secondary education. This usually finishing with a public school education that bestows upon them their sense of absolute entitlement within the order of society.

From here they attend one of the better Oxbridge colleges often studying esoteric courses as Literae Humaniores, or more simply put the Classics. Thus armed with a degree, the content of which is alien to most of the rest of us, Classic’s chancers, like Boris Johnson build a career baffling the rest of us by alluding to arcane references from Greek Mythology or elitist use of Latin.

Boris Johnson has made a career out of obfuscation, or put more simply, bullshitting. But fortunately, just as with all one trick ponies, the public become weary of, and see through, both Boris the Bull and his shit. They are no longer willing to laugh at his buffoonery; instead they want questions answered not waved away with a clever Latin quip as though an irrelevance.

The moral of my observation is this: you may take a turd and polish and buff it until it glows and shines for all the world to see. Yet, no matter how shiny the turd it is still a piece of shit.  

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