Sunday, 10 April 2016

Osborne's off-shoring...

Not to be outdone by the PM it appears George Osborne is also involved in a spot of off-shoring. How is it as Chancellor of the Exchequer he can make such a mess of our economy, yet when it comes to dodgy profits, Osborne and Little, the family business, does very nicely. Maybe we have the wrong Osborne running the economy?

These tax schemes are so tortuously complex, Byzantium in nature. They are purposely designed this way to stop only the most tenacious of investigative journalists from getting to the bottom of them. These schemes are put together by corporate lawyers and accountants steeped in the esoteric dark practices of allowing vast sums of disappear and reappear immune from the tawdry processes of tax attraction.

However, people such as Richard Murphy, and his Tax Research UK site, are breaking into erstwhile arcane practices. More and more ordinary people are seeing through government reassurances that they are doing all that is possible to close the tax loopholes that allow the wealthy (mostly Tory supporters) to escape their tax obligations.

We must keep the pressure on these thieving bastards exposing them for the dirty cheating shits they are.  

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