Monday, 24 July 2017

Fuck Frankenstein Foods

The nasty reactionary broadcaster Ian Collins tells us that people in the UK won’t be concerned about chlorine cleaned chickens, meat inflated by hormones, animals pumped with antibiotic, genetically modified food, etc. No, they’ll be led by price.

As I stated Collin’s views are mostly reactionary. He promotes his views in a matter-of-fact way attempting to pursued the listener that his views are reasonable and that his opinions chime with the common man. He leans dangerously to the right selling radio listeners a line parallel to that of the neoliberal movement.

He suggests that if a trade deal with the USA means us allowing chlorine cleaned chickens, meat inflated by hormones, animals pumped with antibiotics, genetically modified food, etc, so be it. According to Collins Americans eat this food all the time, bla blah blah.

Further he insists that if sealing a trade deal with the States means taking on their eating habits, and that in doing so we are doing so for Queen and country.

First of all, Ian, I would like to counter your claim that all Americans eat this kind of food. Rubbish. Sure, most poor Americans are forced to buy this kind of food because they lack the means of choice. You can bet that those with money will be buying better quality food, just as wealthy people in the UK eat better.

I’ll go along with Collins’s view if he can guarantee that the Queen and the wealthy will also subject themselves to eating this food from the USA. People, don’t be fooled by the likes of Ian Collins who are merely mouth-pieces for the neoliberal companies. If you get the chance to go to the States look in their supermarkets, meat and food that isn’t sold by Frankenstein Food Ltd attracts premium prices. Similarly, in restaurants steaks from grass-fed cows are a lot more expensive to their hormone-inflated cousins.

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